D3v16: Next-Generation Performance for the Long Haul

PUBLISHED ON Jun 29, 2018

D/3® Version 16 (D3v16) opens new horizons of reliability and ease of use for the DCS with the highest lifetime value in the industry. D3v16 is the first release to harness the next-generation Process Control Module 5 (PCM5) Series’ native Cyber Security and virtualization capabilities. Numerous enhancements to MDL Builder, D3Express, and other system software make it easier for users to develop control strategies and optimize system performance. D3v16 preserves existing investments while paving the way for the future.

Control magazine observed:

“What’s the best way to upgrade distributed control system software? Give it a new controller to run on. Obvious, really. However, this is still a rare event, sort of like two holes-in-one in a single round of golf or winning two prizes in one raffle.

Still, that’s exactly what NovaTech Automation has pulled off with the July launch of its D/3 distributed control software, Version 16 (D3v16), which adds high-value, standardized features its users have sought to give them a competitive advantage. Not stopping at one major release, the company is multiplying D3v16’s impact by delivering it with the new Process Control Module 5 (PCM5) process controller with embedded cybersecurity, full system virtualization down to the controller, and many ease-of-use and engineering enhancements to further aid users.”

The full Control magazine article can be read by clicking here.


Modern, Cyber Secure Hardware

The PCM5 Series is built to last and to change. The reliable, field-proven design features circuit boards manufactured in-house and an intuitive touchscreen display. PCM5 represents a significant leap forward in the development, maintenance, and Cyber Security capabilities of the D/3 System. A built-in firewall is auto-configured and enabled by default. With a modern hardware and software platform, PCM5 can more quickly incorporate and deploy the latest technologies while continuing to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

Controller Virtualization

D3v16 provides D/3 users with a hardware-independent development, testing, and training environment. These portable and easy-to-maintain virtual D/3 Systems allow users to learn, innovate, and optimize plant operations with greater convenience and flexibility than ever before.

  • Simulate an entire D/3 System with multiple PCMs on a single computer.
  • Develop, demonstrate, and validate prospective changes without impacting plant production and safety. Virtual PCMs have an inherent ability to simulate I/O and process characteristics, including interaction between process units.
  • Easily copy changes to the live system when testing is complete. Train new personnel on all aspects of D/3 applications, plant operations, and abnormal situations.


Ease of Use

MDL Builder: MDL Builder allows engineers to configure the building blocks of the D/3 System with an intuitive graphical interface while retaining the flexibility demanded by experienced users. Continuous database creation is made easier, faster and more error-free with an improved tag creation workflow and remote build pre-validation. A new unit-based view allows visualization of unit structures and enables easy adjustment of tags. Generate control logic drawings and modify them with drag and drop simplicity.

ProcessVision: Enhancements include better runtime performance, enhanced fonts, and more intuitive display windows. Analog loops and device logic are now displayed in the loop maintenance view with live values and no drawing required.

D3Express: OSIsoft PI data is now integrated into the D3Express web application. This enables users to easily visualize all plant data, resulting in more informed operational decisions.


Download the Full D3v16 Brochure and PCM5 Datasheet