Tianjin Fibersol Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

PUBLISHED ON Dec 01, 2015

On November 13, 2015, ADM held a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of their new Fibersol® facility in Tianjin China.  NovaTech Automation, a worldwide automation partner of ADM, provided the control system, applications engineering and multilingual operator displays.

Fibersol®—sold and marketed through an ADM/Matsutani joint venture—enables food and beverage manufacturers to increase the fiber content of their products without impacting flavor, color or viscosity. With the global market for soluble dietary fiber growing at an annual rate of 13 percent, the Tianjin plant’s production capacity of 18,000 metric tons per year will help address food industry customers’ increasing demand.

ADM CEO Juan Luciano remarked, “As more and more Chinese citizens enter the middle class, we expect that demand for Fibersol and other value-added food ingredients made by ADM will remain robust well into the future.”

NovaTech Automation designed applications incorporating ADM programming standards and developed multilingual operator displays in Chinese and English.  In collaboration with its partner, Advanced Control & Information Technologies Co. (ACIT), the project scope included extensive electrical panel fabrication, the installation of instruments and ongoing technical support.

NovaTech Automation will continue to support the site throughout its start-up. NovaTech Automation CEO Volker Oakey said, “This latest successful collaboration reinforces NovaTech Automation’s commitment to support our customers’ growth both domestically and internationally.  Our goal is to assure that ADM’s production is safe and efficient with high quality output.”

This Fibersol® facility is co-located with ADM’s High Fructose production operation that was completed one year ago and is also operated by the NovaTech Automation D/3.