Valmet D3 Distributed Control System

The best investment in process control

The Valmet D3 DCS combines rock solid Made in USA hardware, no-hassle software licensing, open connectivity and continuous code migration to maximize your ROI.

Do it all with one system

Valmet D3 connects to and integrates data from any plant system through Ethernet protocols and OPC, and an extensive library of I/O interfaces for legacy equipment. The D3 is designed in alignment with the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) guidelines.

Unlimited flexibility

If you can think it, the Valmet D3 can do it. Its agile Sequence and Batch Language (SABL) programming environment is built around S88 and S106 standards, so there’s no limit to the process variables you can tweak and adjust.

A platform that grows with your business

A single Valmet D3 system can scale from 2 to 160 nodes, handle up to 50,000 I/O points, and manage hundreds of simultaneous batches and product recipes with no performance degradation.

Secure from the PCB to the DMZ

Our latest family of process controllers (PCM5) are built from the circuit board up to provide integral secure boot and firewall, whitelisting, and other security features -- forming a cornerstone of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and architecture.

Easy for new users, powerful for pros

With intuitive loop configuration software, the ability to virtualize a complete system on your laptop, and a collaboration-first development environment, the Valmet D3 allows new users to get up and running quickly—while giving pros unlimited flexibility in development.

"I have not seen any DCS that can handle nearly as many loops and as much programming per controller as the D/3"

Gregg Cox, Senior Controls Engineer