D/3® User

A ten-day entry level course using D/3® software explaining the architecture and configuration of the D/3®, operation and control of the D/3® Operator Console, and the configuration of the Continuous Control Database. The course includes explanations and definitions of all software packages for continuous control and console operations.

The D/3® Operator Console is discussed and used in lab exercises. This class is more comprehensive than the Continuous Control Configuration class and provides the knowledge and documentation necessary to efficiently maintain and use the basic software of the D/3® system. Laboratory exercises are provided for hands-on experience.

Familiarity with the Windows desktop is helpful

  • Topic outline
  • Hardware and software overview
  • PVN Console and Console Manager
  • VersaTrend™
  • InstAlarm™
  • TotalVision® Navigator
  • System Configuration – WinCOD and D3PSM
  • Alarm routing
  • Continuous database control and management
  • MDL and WinMOD
  • Process control concepts
  • Analog processing blocks/algorithms
  • MDVBuilder and digital blocks
  • D3Manager
  • D3Architect
  • Introduction to D3Edit
  • D/3® Notebook
  • Annunciator panel
  • Loop optimizer
  • D/3 TrendR database
  • Summary report
  • SNR serial number report
  • ProcessVision console

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