FlexBatch® Production Operator


A two-day course covering the use of FlexBatch® to create and execute campaigns and batches. Details of the production displays provide students with interactive tools to create, monitor or modify the status of active batches.

The D/3® product monitor software is presented as another means for operators to monitor active batches. Laboratory exercises complement the lecture material. All necessary materials and documentation are provided.


Plant operations experience is helpful, but not required.

Topic Outline

  • SP88 concepts and terminology
  • FlexBatch® hierarchies
  • Role of the production team
  • Creating campaigns and batches
  • Scheduling, monitoring, and modifying batches
  • Parameter modifications
  • Assigning equipment to a batch
  • Use of the schedule view, batch overview, and control view displays
  • Properties – campaign, batch, unit recipe, operation, and phase

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