A three-day course covering the use of FlexBatch® production displays to create, execute and monitor campaigns and batches. The configuration management component is introduced and the graphical procedure editor is used to design new recipe procedures, which are then added to FlexBatch® database. Newly created recipe procedures are validated through batch execution. D/3® related displays and utilities such as product monitor are also covered. Various lab exercises are provided to ensure students have hands-on experience with each topic.


Plant operations experience is helpful, but not required.

Topic Outline

  • SP88 concepts and terminology
  • FlexBatch® hierarchies
  • Role of the production team and recipe developer
  • Creating campaigns and batches
  • Scheduling, monitoring and modifying batches
  • Use of the production displays, configuration manager, and procedure editor
  • Creating master recipes
  • Properties – campaign, batch, unit recipe, operation, phase
  • FlexBatch® database components

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